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Obsessed with the Authentic Life

My name is Nikki, and I invite you to join me as I discover what it means to live with authentic faith.

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A community of growth

Do you yearn for a deeper faith rooted in an authentic spiritual life? My weekly emails are designed to help you reach for authenticity in your faith and life.
  • Weekly Bible study designed to inspire authentic faith
  • Real talk about the challenges of living authentically
  • Updates on my latest research and current areas of study
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Discussing Authenticity in life and faith

Authentic Faith

My definition of an authentic life is a Jesus-following life, but Christianity in America has blended with our culture. My mission is to discover what following Jesus is supposed to look like.

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Real Talk

An authentic life is a tall order, and an authentic Jesus-following life is countercultural. This is the unedited story of my own struggle to find authenticity in my faith and life.

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